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New product news and technical bulletins from D&A for November

We'll be keeping our new website up to date with the latest product news and technical bulletins from all our suppliers. If you'd like more details on any of the products on this post please contact your nearest D&A Factors branch or drop us a line on 01382 228 202.

New landing legs from CV LOGIX

New to range - CV Logix landing legs are suitable for the majority of trailer applications. They feature a number of benefits including: a universally drilled extended backplate and a fully sealed grease filled, two speed gearbox.

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Valvoline technical bulletins for BMWs & Merc's

Twelve new Synpower oils developed for BMW and Mercedes Benz specialists.

An OEM approved oil is required during warranty as it has been subjected to a variety of stringent and demanding tests by each individual car manufacturer. Oils that ‘meets’ an OEM approval will not have been through this process and may invalidate a vehicle’s warranty.

Valvoline Guarantee

Valvoline uses only the highest quality base oils and additives to guarantee its oil ‘stays in grade’ throughout an OEM recommended service interval, to maintain performance and environmental standards of the vehicle.

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New to range OEM fuel filters from DAF

Be sure to service vehicles with genuine OEM fuel filters from DAF - durable and high-quality ensuring vehicles will run better for longer.

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